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  "How do the Eritreans respond to the foreign visitor?" It is question I used to receive by e-mail before 2001. It is not easy to give a comprehensive answer to an open question like this.

Therefore I decided to make notes of my journeys to, and the trips in Eritrea. I experienced social adventures that stil wetten my eyes.

A picture is worth a hundred words.... Therefore I focus on the pictures. They are the best trigger to memorize the hospitality and friendlyness I met in Eritrea. And I know the pictures are welcomed by many Eritreans in the Diaspora feeling homesick or who want to show their motherland to collegues or friends.

I added this page as an overview of places I visited in Eritrea. Unfortunately many places cannot be visited by the non Eritrean visitors, due to security measures for the tourists safety per 01/01/2006. Not that it is unsafe in Eritrea, but the Eritrean authorities don't want the tourists bring themselves in trouble going everywhere without an experienced guide.


Eritrea May 2001

  Map of Eritrea

Eritrea September 2002

  Map of Eritrea

Eritrea May 2003

  Map of Eritrea

Eritrea May 2004


Eritrea September 2004

  Map of Eritrea Map of Eritrea

Eritrea May 2005


Eritrea September 2005


Eritrea November 2005

  Map of Eritrea   Map of Eritrea   Map of Eritrea

Eritrea May 2006


Eritrea July 2006


Eritrea November 2006


Eritrea May 2007


Eritrea November 2007


Eritrea December 2007


Eritrea May 2008


Eritrea May 2009


Eritrea November 2009


Eritrea May 2011


Eritrea October 2014

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