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May 24th 2000 





Asmara International Airport


Asmara International Airport is a small, modern and clean airport. It is located less than 2 kilometers (one mile) south west of Asmara.

The airport has two (3.000m and 1.800m) runways. The terminal can only serve two or three flights at the time due to gate and lounge capacity.

The main waiting room is surrounded by shops selling liquor, cigarettes and souvenirs . It has a small bar called "Take Off". There is a larger bar and restaurant opposite to the terminal entry.

As Asmara International Airport is a dual airport (also serving ERAF, Eritrean Airforce) it is not allowed to make pictures.

Taxi's offer an efficient transfer from the airport to the city center for a fixed price of 400 Nakfa ($25 May 2016 prices). Public buses operate from 06:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Asmara International Airport
PO Box Phone +2911 Fax
Switchboard 1010 181822  
Tower   182752  
Flight information   182817  
Freight or cargo service   181892  
Customs 217 181526  
Civil Aviation Authority 252 182769 181424 181255
Civil Aviation Communications 252 181241 181520
Airlines representatives At Asmara International Airport
FlyDubai   154980  
EgyptAir   152715  
Turkish Airlines   154699 154073  
Sudan Airways   154933  
Eritrean Airlines   153851  
Asmara International Airport arrivals and Departures (May 2016)
Arrival Departure
FlyDubai Dubai FZ 665 FZ 666 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
EgyptAir Cairo MS 833 MS 834 Teu,Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
Turkish Airlines Taif / Istanbul TK 578 TK 579 Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
Cairo TK 8068 TK 8069 Teu, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun
Sudan Airways Khartoum Wed Sun
Eritrean Airlines




Taxi's waiting on Asmara International Airport.

Cockpit view on Asmara International Airport.

Waiting room and shops - Asmara International Airport.






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